Hoping in a sooner rather than remote future... 3 million euros have been allocated for industrial hemp

The Italian budged law 2021 has allocated 10 million euros for what are called "minor chains". More specifically, 3 million of these euros will be destined to the development of the Italian industrial hemp. italiana.

The areas that this funding will affect are three:

  1. A support of 300€ per hectare (within the limit of 50 hectares)
  2. Research activities for projects concerning the development of new varieties in the seed production sector, rapid methods for THC analysis, mechanization and improvements in the first transformation step of hemp
  3. Help to those businesses that want to invest into the improvement of all the phases following the hemp harvest, especially for those steps that are focusing on satisfying quality standards required by the food sector.

Three million of euros is a serious amount of money, but they can become very little if we think about how many realities, in all Italian regions, are becoming active and willing to invest to create industrial hemp-based production chains.

We hope this funding will be quickly delivered, but most of all we hope that there will be an equal and transparent informative approach on the access methods; this way access is not granted solely to those who are already part of the system and know how to move within it. We will keep monitoring the situation to make sure this will happen!

Who, better than the associations who have been working on the development of industrial hemp, can be the impartial mean of circulation of the rules necessary to access to this funding? We hope for the collaboration of the public institutions, in order to avoid the loss of such investments and to actually grant a future to the industrial hemp sector in Italy.